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Gracy Singh Hot Biography

# The hot actress was offered a role Qayamat but she turned it down as it was just skin show, Neha Dhupia later got that role.

# She wants to be known for her acting and not for her body.

# She was in the dance group called “The Planets” . She worked there for 2-3 years .It was during one of the shows that she was introduced Sanjiv Bhattacharya during the shows of “The Planets” and then worked for Amaanat.

# During her screen test for Lagaan, Gracy Singh danced to the song “Hothon pe aisi baat”, which was originally played by Vyjanthimala in Jewel Thief.

# The actress always wanted to do something artistic like singing, dancing, or designing.

# The actress learnt Bharatanatyam during school days.

# She is quite famous as “Dinki” in a popular TV Serial, “Amanat” which comes on ZEE TV.

Gracy Singh quotes

# ‘I was offered an ad campaign to endorse a brand of cigarettes, but I refused because I’m opposed to smoking. Again, I wouldn’t do a film I don’t want to do, just for the money.’

# “I want to be known for my acting and not for my body.”

# “I learnt a lot and how to communicate on screen and doing 150 episodes of “Amaanat’ was a great practice and what I’d consider my schooling”.

# “There are so many beautiful languages in India.”

# “I want to act in at least one film in each language. I want to act in Bengali, Gujarati and Malayalam films.”

# “It is a nice experience working within a southern set-up. Good directors is what I always look out for when I sign a movie. The story of this film is in itself not very great but the way he projected it was superb. Jagannathji has also written the script of this triangular love story.” [Speaking about Shart]

# “I’m just playing a sensitive girl, a very strong character, who has family relations – parents and a person that she loves and wants to spend her life with. There can be no comparisons between this character and any other that I’ve done before.” [ speaking about Wajjah...A Reason to Kill]

# ‘A senior person called Mr JOshi, who’s a PA to film stars for the past 35 years. He worked very hard to promote me in the film industry.’

# ‘MONEY HAS never been a matter of great priority for me. Perhaps because of the kind of upbringing I’ve had, I’m not overly bothered about it. ‘
Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot
Gracy Singh Hot
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Gracy Singh Hot

gracy singh hot

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